Paul Robinson, a prominent figure from Robinson Management Services, recently captivated the audience at Event Sustainability Live with an illuminating presentation. His focus? The pivotal role of ISO20121 and its connections to other crucial ISO standards in the realm of event management.

ISO20121 takes the spotlight as the gold standard for event sustainability management. Robinson expertly navigated its principles, stressing how it seamlessly weaves sustainability throughout an event’s lifecycle. He also highlighted the harmony between ISO20121 and other essential ISO benchmarks like ISO14001, ISO9001, and ISO45001, emphasizing their combined approach.

Robinson’s insights catalysed action, urging event professionals to adopt a holistic sustainability mindset. His practical tips and real-life examples inspired attendees to rethink their event-planning strategies.

Are you eager to delve into Robinson’s invaluable insights? Watch the full presentation from Event Sustainability Live here.

Ultimately, Robinson’s presentation was a call to arms. It underscored ISO20121’s pivotal role in shaping a more responsible and resilient events industry when integrated with other ISO standards. For those striving to make a positive impact and create meaningful events, Robinson’s guidance shines as a beacon toward sustainable excellence.

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